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product inspection

Products in the production process must go through layers of testing, in order to finalize the processing of the product, which is every enterprise employees are aware of the truth. At the same time companies in order to ensure the production of qualified products, the company has developed in line with its own set of quality management system, strictly enforce the implementation, from the fundamental up to ensure product quality.

When our factory often have to accept the customer sent over the acceptance of domestic enterprises more purchases and send some technicians to come and see the specifications, little quantity. And we are dealing with the past few years and foreign, is a taste of more third-party inspection foreign assignment, these third-party inspectors on the one hand has a very pragmatic attitude, on the one hand with high work experience, from a purely product is not in line with product testing standards departure, one by one by one carefully from beginning to end test. Of course, as the company is also welcome such a test method, the last from reflect the problems can find out the inadequacies of our internal testing, to improve, and also requires the company"s quality management system is consistent.

The picture is our company to accept third-party testing of some information.

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