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PVDF / FRP composite tanks, pipelines

Our combination of advanced coupling technology to produce PVDF / FRP composite tanks, PVDF / FRP composite pipe is high temperature, corrosive media corrosion resistance over storage containers, pipelines. It not only PVDF has excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties, good wear resistance and low coefficient of friction, but also has good aging resistance, good electrical insulation and thermal stability, the maximum temperature up to 150 ° C, long-term use at 100 ° C. Combination of lightweight, high strength steel glass characteristic is widely used in storing and transporting chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper, and other industries concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and other corrosive acid.

If you encounter in the chemical industry complex corrosion corrosive media, while ordinary material can not be satisfied, you can consider using PVDF lining composite tanks, pipes, non-standard equipment, we can design according to your requirements, production, to provide you with a complete solution. Domestic sunshine EKA engineering, Bayer"s chemical engineering are used in our company produces PVDF / FRP composite pipe and composite tanks.

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