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FRP gelcoat

Although the contact glass steel have more than ten years, but for fiberglass gelcoat really still poorly understood, only know gelcoat increased weather water resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, corrosion resistance and ornamental, served to protect the fiberglass within the laminate fibers are not erosion, improve product quality and use of. But how their products according to requirements, use of the environment to make specific gelcoat appropriate requirements or not clear, so in previous works more or less, the weather resistance of complaints about poor customer respect fade. Currently on the market there are many types of plastic clothing to choose from, such as in a different matrix resins are: phthalic type, isophthalic, isophthalic neopentyl glycol type, vinyl type; according to different functions: pearl type, resistance fuel type, the mold, food type, etc. not to dwell on. Should be said that the use of gel coat from Europe, the domestic use of time is not long, that is, in recent years a wide range of applications up only gradually, gel coat production companies are slowly increased, but for this seemingly simple things, it seems just need to key materials: a base resin, a colorant, a good selection of various additives, by mixing milling, high speed stirring dispersion can be stirred, no technical content. In fact, is not that code thing, why the same color gel coat in the same environment, the same through sun and rain, foreign gelcoat remains qualities, and made of gel coat but filling qualities, exposed flesh, this is probably not just production technical reasons it! So we in the United States this is a smelter provided FRP composite pipe to the surface of the gel coat choice is cautious, repeated comparison and, finally, at the cost of using the best domestic isophthalic neopentyl glycol type gelcoat , add paste import selection paste, and add anti-UV absorbers Ciba hope that this choice is correct.

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