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PVC / FRP composite pipes

Start making PVC / FRP composite pipe used in construction of the new Tektronix is also close to a month and a half, through our efforts, finished in mid-September start out gradually. According to the plan before and after the National Day sent off three containers, yesterday notified freight forwarding, container to October 1 loading to the company, informed that the morning came over this morning will be able to loading, it"s best for us in today loading, so the National day also arrange over loading. Just bad weather, from 8:00 start to work on it began to rain, but did not see weakening momentum, loading workers can only wear a raincoat, rain job. Jiangnan There is a saying: do things encountered when it rains, dubbed ---- have water, rolling in wealth, I do not know whether it will wait until proved again. The above picture is the time to carry out this project some pictures from the production of welding assembly accessories --- --- hand lay FRP gelcoat surface ---- --- ---- final customer acceptance inspection ---- Packaging --- loading, along the way, it is not easy.

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