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FRP spray pipe
At present, the method used in flue gas desulfurization can be divided into three categories:
1, washed with an aqueous solution of absorbent wet flue gas desulfurization
2, semi-dry absorbent slurry absorbing sulfur gases and sulfate compounds
3, direct injection of calcium-based sorbent powder dry gas desulfurization class
Domestic use of limestone - gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization main principle is the reaction: SO2 and other gases through the reaction solution in contact with limestone from sprinkler piping out complete, gas and limestone solution adequate response, simple process, reaction irreversibility, high desulfurization efficiency.
Our combination of wet flue gas desulfurization characteristics, targeted to developed glass steel wear sprinkler pipe, sprinkler pipe to replace the imported equipment. Wear-resistant pipe I produced by the China Petroleum Pipeline Corporation pipeline Technology Centre Comprehensive laboratory testing, excellent wear resistance, abrasion resistance coefficient much higher than the standards, and has been applied in many domestic power plant desulfurization project.
Blue sky and harmonious development is our pursuit, to the motherland, the sky bluer, the water clearer, my company is willing to vast environmental desulfurization companies and owners to provide high quality products and efficient service.
The main application of FRP desulfurization equipment and thermal power plant flue gas desulphurization and denitrification environmental protection system, currently dominated wet desulfurization.
Products and equipment:
1. FRP spray pipe
I am in the Netherlands to introduce advanced technology, based on years of research has proprietary technology in FGD systems FRP spray pipe localization, it can replace similar imported products, to ensure the quality of products, so that key equipment FRP spray absorber shower pipe significantly reduce the cost and shorten the construction period.
Specifications: DN10-DN1000, can be designed according to user requirements
Pressure: 4.0Mpa or less
Temperature: 220 ≧ or less
Wear layer thickness greater than 2.5mm
Nozzle connection: flange glued
2. FRP slurry pipeline
My company uses a proprietary technology to produce fiberglass pipes wear lime plaster slurry pipeline system is the ideal alternative rubber lined steel pipe material in the wet desulfurization tower.
FRP pipes and wear-resistant rubber lined steel pipe compared with the following advantages:
- Easy to install
FRP has a lightweight, high strength advantage, density of only 1/4 of the steel flange connections, socket and other convenient bonding.
- price advantage
Wear the same size fiberglass pipe price is only 75-90 rubber lined steel pipe.
- No insulation
FRP itself is a poor conductor of heat, thermal conductivity only 0.48W / m ≧
Performance comparison of various materials:
Material FRP steel PVC project
Thermal expansion coefficient (10-6 / ≧) 11.2 12.3 60-80
Thermal conductivity (W / m ≧) 0.48 11 30.21
Used in the tower of limestone and gypsum slurry pipeline system does not require external insulation, not only to save project investment, and improve the progress of the project.
- Easy maintenance
Glass steel wear pipeline maintenance, maintenance is very convenient, no external corrosion, and rubber lined steel pipe is not only difficult but also the need for regular maintenance done outside embalmed. Butyl rubber is liable to deteriorate and fall off and cause corrosion and clogging pipes
- Life Advantage
FRP pipe service life of up to 20 years.
- Product Specifications
Diameter DN15-1000mm
Length: 100-6000mm
Pressure: 0-1.6Mpa
The major products implementation of the standards: GB, American Standard, the German standard.

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