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I produced a variety of chemical corrosion-resistant FRP composite tank according to installation method to distinguish between the main vertical and horizontal. Tank corrosion-resistant layer according to the requirements of corrosion resistance in contact, respectively, the medium can be used: PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF, ECTFE and other various metallic materials, reinforcing structural layer is made of vinyl resin, or economic considerations can also be considered the unsaturated resin in the outermost taking into account the anti-aging and prolong life, the general outdoor gelcoat. I company for the different needs of customers design and stress analysis of the structure and form of the tank, providing analysis and calculation reports, and can provide matching tank ladder and secure platform.
FRP composite tank has both non-metallic engineering materials excellent corrosion resistance, but also has high-strength lightweight glass fiber reinforced plastic material properties:
1. Excellent physical and mechanical properties, high-strength lightweight, high strength; FRP composite material density product in the tank is about 1.8 ~ 2.0g / cm ^ 3, strength of about 250 ~ 320Mpa, than strength than steel, so FRP composite reservoir cans in the manufacturing, transportation, installation and other aspects can greatly save manpower, material resources and basic treatment costs.
2Chemical resistant, long life; FRP composite tank has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, can resist the erosion of acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents and other chemicals, these chemicals will not have any impact on its can guarantee long service life of more than 20 years, showing the incomparable superiority of other materials such as metal, plastic and other pure.
3Wide range of applications, flexible and diverse forms; FRP composite tank having a material structure design characteristics of strong, long-term use at -50 ≧ ~ 100 ≧, with a special design of FRP composite tanks can work at 120 ≧ under . But also according to the conditions required to use the form of the establishment of a variety of structural design, horizontal, support type, pressure vessels, etc., to meet different customers, different process requirements. Metal, stainless steel and other non-homogeneous materials due to the design of the material, can not be done to meet the requirements of specific operating conditions.
FRP composite tank design flexibility, superior tank wall structure and properties: filament-wound fiberglass resin systems can change or enhance the physical and chemical properties of materials at high speed and non-standard FRP tank means to meet the needs of different media and working conditions. Through structural layer thickness, winding angle and wall thickness of the structure and design to adjust the carrying capacity of the tank, made of different pressure levels or other special properties of FRP composite tanks and non-standard equipment, which is isotropic metal materials can not It is compared with. At the same time I also can provide various types of tanks supporting the ladder, secure platform.
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