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FRP pipe is a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant non-metallic pipes. It is a resin-based weight glass fiber layer by layer according to process requirements wound on a rotating mandrel, the wall structure design, from the inside to the outside are: corrosion-resistant layer, structural layer, anti-aging layer. By the use of different media, use of different corrosion-resistant layer of resin, mainly vinyl resin, unsaturated resin, epoxy resin. Under the premise to meet the intensity of use, the structure of the resin layer can be selected unsaturated resin, the greatest degree of lower costs, improve the economy. Aging layer is mainly to meet the requirements of outdoor installation, the pipe surface covered with a layer of anti-aging gel coat, improve the ability of anti-aging product surface, increase the service life. Glass pipe with its excellent chemical resistance, lightweight, high strength, non-scaling, shock resistance, and long service life of ordinary steel, and lower total cost, quick installation, safe and reliable, the majority of chemical companies accepted by users. Glass pipe with its unique strong corrosion resistance, smooth inner surface, low transport energy consumption, long service life (over 50 years), easy transportation and installation, no maintenance and low total cost many advantages in the oil, thermal, paper, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment plants, desalination, chemical preservation, environmental protection, medicine and chemical industry, metallurgy, chlor-alkali industry has made a wide range of applications.
FRP process pipe features:
(1)Corrosion resistance: chemically inert material, excellent corrosion resistance, and according to the medium to select a different corrosion-resistant pipes.
(2)Mechanical strength: water pressure resistance strength, pressure-resistant strength and impact strength are good and may require the design and manufacture of pressure pipes and fittings.
(3)Temperature adaptability: Operating temperature range: -70 < C greater than less than 250 degrees Celsius, the freezing medium piping does not crack.
(4)Fluid resistance: pipe wall smooth, rough coefficient of 0.0084, at the same flow rate, pipe diameter can be reduced.
(5)Light weight, long life: light weight, convenient transportation, the construction of low cost, no maintenance, long life.
(6)Maintain water quality: non-toxic, drinking water delivery, water quality can be maintained long-term health.
For anti-acid corrosion chemical and other fields. FRP technology pipeline reason to enjoy a "significant energy savings" in the world, further characterized in that n+0.0084 The smooth wall, small fluid transfer its head loss, therefore, the same kind of traffic can choose more small diameter or smaller power pump for long distance transport, compared with the large-diameter pipe can also lower installation costs, reduced insulation costs, canceled an annual maintenance fee.
Corrosion: You can select different corrosion-resistant pipes according to the requirements of different media.
Pressure: the pressure according to process requirements, design, manufacture of pipes and fittings. In 1.5 multiples pressure pressure test process requirements to process four times the required blasting pressure test. Heat: low temperature of minus 40 ≧, high temperature of 110 ≧。
Insulation: After modified to eliminate static electricity
Flame retardancy: The flame can be improved, refuse burning。
Insulation properties: After improvement can increase the heat transfer capacity, according to customer requirements can also increase the insulation measures on the outer surface design。
FRP winding pipe product specifications
Diameter: DN25-1000 pressure rating: 0.1MPa, 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa.
Length: 4m, 6m, can be produced on demand.。
The major products implementation of the standards: GB HG, American Standard ASTM, German standard DIN, Japanese standard and non-standard custom JS。
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