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The company produces various types of glass steel flange, corrosion-resistant fiberglass flanges requirements by contacting the media, are corrosion-resistant layer can use vinyl resin, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, phenolic resin or other resin types. Glass steel flange having a lightweight, high strength characteristics, widely applicable to all types of chemical pipe flange connection, tank connection flange, flange connection according to distinguish between the main round butt manner, socket bonding mode, Looper flange.
1.The implementation of standard glass steel flanges manufacture, inspection and acceptance in accordance with HG / T21633-1991 "glass pipe and pipe fittings" standard. Flange dimensions can be HG, DIN, ASME, JIS standards making, or according to user requirements designed。
2.Preparation of raw materials used to determine the raw material specifications and types according to working conditions.
3.flange finishing mold production process - production - release - test - storage
4.Mold finishing according to design specifications, prepare the flange connection standard mold, and clean up the oil and dust the surface of the mold is completed, brushing release agent.
5.The production of the prepared resin painted on the mold until gelation placement surface mat and chopped strand mat, fully rolling, no air bubbles should crack, until the desired thickness of the inner liner. After curing the inner liner continue E chopped fiber glass cloth and laid alternately laid, each layer application roll full roll, understand resins, several times to meet the design size.
6.After the release to be completely fixed, stripper stripping tool, carefully, to avoid damage, machining and finishing.
7.Testing, storage and by drawing standards, testing, qualified storage.
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